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Mark Poleon - Chief Instructor

Personal Statement:

Your health directly impacts every aspect of your life, so why not invest in yourself and maximize your potential to look and feel great!


I believe that exercise should not only be effective, but enjoyable! It has a positive effect on your physical and mental well-being. So whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle and strength, increase flexibility, improve cardio fitness or stress relief, I can help!


We all set ourselves goals, but more often than not; certain things prevent us from getting where we deserve to be. But whatever your goals, I’ll be there to give expert advice, understand your needs and provide you with the necessary information, motivation and support you need to succeed.


The only risks you regret in life are the ones you never take!



Chief Instructor of Martial Arts & Fitness

Sifu South Birmingham Wing Chun Kuen

Lead Instructor Defence Lab Birmingham

Kick Boxercise Instructor

Advanced Boxercise Instructor

Level 4 Personal Trainer

BCCMA Martial Arts Instructor (Wing Chun)
NuYu Fitness Master Trainer
Sports Coach UK Member
Chief Instructor T.R.U® (Tactical Responsive Unarmed) Self-Defence
British Council of Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) - Coach Level 2
Registered Instructor of Midlands Wing Chun Kuen
Member of Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong

PDR - Personal Defense Readiness Instructor
First Aid and Defibrillation Certificates
Reps (Register of Exercise Professionals) Level 2, 3 & 4

Chi Gung Diploma

Tai Chi Diploma

Acupressure Diploma

Yoga Diploma

British Sign Language Diploma

Mindfulness Diploma

Introduction to Physiotherapy Diploma

Alexander Technique Diploma

Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Diploma

Pain Management Practitioner

Shiatsu Massage Diploma

Kinesiology Diploma

Breathwork Diploma

Pilates Diploma

Meditation Diploma
Full Public Liability Insurance
Professional Indemnity

DBS Checked & Approved


Weight loss, body conditioning, muscle gain and martial arts/self-defence related health and fitness. Circuit and boxing training including medicine ball drills and focus pad work.



I’ve been involved in exercise and conditioning for over 18 years. Whether personal training or martial arts, my life has revolved around physical and mental fitness.



Positive people, who encourage, motivate and inspire others!



People who believe you are less capable than you are!


Sign off statement:

He or she, who fails to plan, plans to fail!

Laura Crouch - Instructor

Personal Statement:

With our current lifestyle, we've got packed schedules and never seem to have time to prioritise our health and fitness. 


It's time to reprioritise, put yourself first for a couple of hours a week and you'll notice the difference.


Those who exercise regularly have more energy, sleep better, feel fitter and stronger which contributes to improved mental and physical health. 


I'll be here to help you ease into the change, set realistic goals and have fun in the process.


This is a judgement free space so come along and see what we can do for you. One step at a time. 



Instructor Defence Lab Birmingham 

Defence Lab Black Belt 

Instructor Fitness to Music 

Diploma in Sports and Exercise Nutrition

Bullying Awareness Diploma

Understanding Autism Level 2 
Full Public Liability Insurance
Professional Indemnity

DBS Checked & Approved


Self defence and martial arts related fitness. Exercise routines set to music. Body weight exercises (no need for weights)



I've been doing some fitness or sports my entire life. I have 15 years experience in ballroom dancing and conditioning including competing at Blackpool.


After a break while attending university I undertook training to join the army (knee injury prevented me from joining) and have over 7 years experience learning self defence and 3 years teaching it. 


People willing to try something new or different!



People who are too hard on themselves!


Sign off statement:

You don't need to be good at something to keep doing it. You just need to enjoy doing it! !

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